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Change Pain Into Power

Marriage Counselling

From conflict to connection, love the marriage you are in

Empowerment Coaching

Create actionable goals that help you slow down, stress less and live happily.


Personal development, well-being, and mental health

How Helen Harrison Helps

My approach goes beyond traditional coaching and counselling methods, as I recognize the critical role mindset and self-limiting behaviours play in personal success.  My expertise is energetically identifying and addressing these obstacles head-on, equipping my clients with the tools and strategies needed to overcome challenges so they can amplify their strengths, and achieve their goals with confidence, calmness, and clarity.

If you’re ready to elevate your marriage, gain clarity on your purpose or am looking for a speaker with lived experience of change and adversity, schedule a conversation with me and change pain into power.

Marriage Counselling

Reconnect with your partner and lay a strong foundation for your future with communication, intimacy, and trust.  I’m an award-winning Marriage Therapist from 2019 to 2024, been named the top 3 marriage counsellors in Brisbane and host of the Empowered Marriage Podcast. 

A Bit About Helen Harrison

My personal struggles since I was young has propelled me on a journey to discover happiness and how to live in the present moment. With a passion for empowering entrepreneurs, micro and small businesses, I am dedicated to helping clients achieve inner clarity and trust themselves in this chaotic busy world.

With 16+ years of experience in the industry, I specialise in marriage reconnection, empowerment coaching and energy healing that unlocks true potential, overcomes limiting beliefs, and creates simplicity and inner trust. I’m a self-declared personal development junkie.  My purpose is Inspiring Life Teacher and a mission to inspire and enable individuals to live there best life.

Hop on board and be the driver in your life - A self esteem tool book

Full Esteem Ahead offers you a unique powerful, easy to read tool book that enables you to find solutions so that you can get beyond what is holding you back. Boarding the carriages of the Full Esteem Ahead train will enable you to find your insight, knowledge, and inspiration to come out of isolation equipping you with self- belief and self-trust.

Turn Pain into Power with The Honesty Hour.

Quality questions help navigate life’s highs, lows, and moments in between. Here are questions so address them all at once or revisit as new challenges arise with the impermanency of life. Gain insights, refine your direction, celebrate your authentic self, desires, and awesomeness

Receive Your Turn Pain into Power with The Honesty Hour.

If you’re serious about CHANGE, it’s the quality of questions you ask yourself to begin to create the life you want.

“The Power of Change is Within You”